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COVID-19 March 18th Update

Discover Life Family, It’s been an interesting week at Discover Life Church, but God is always in control! On Monday we received word that a member of our church was not feeling well and went to the hospital. After tests for the flu and pneumonia came back negative, they administered a test for COVID-19. Today we were informed that the test results came back as a ‘presumptive positive’, meaning that the initial tests still need to be confirmed by the CDC. These results can take 7 to 9 additional days. The member is in good health and has self quarantined.…

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Flower In Hand

Day 18: Don’t Fast Forgiveness

Remember when Jesus cursed the fig tree and it died from the roots up? The disciples and Jesus were walking along when Jesus spotted a fig tree and being hungry, went over to check it out. Although the tree was healthy with an abundance of leaves, it was out of season to be fruit bearing, so Jesus cursed it and walked on. They arrived in Jerusalem and Jesus proceeded to drive out the money changers in the temple; the next morning they left the city headed back in the direction of the fig tree. When the disciples saw it they…

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Day 17: Trust

Proverbs 3:5-6 (NIV)Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. People always say that they  CAN  trust that God can  help  them, but in their hearts they sometimes don’t believe that God WILL help them. The question becomes, Is it God’s will for them? You cannot build trust with someone that you do not know. You probably would not invite a stranger to sleep over as a guest at your home. First,  you don’t really know them. Secondly,  you…

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COVID-19 March 16th Update

DLC Family, As I am sure you are all aware, we are living through unprecedented times. We’ve chosen to move forward in faith, and not in fear. We have a team here, at Discover Life Church working around the clock to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to keep your family safe, help the community and keep our church gathered as much as possible. Yesterday was a historical day for the church. When I say “the church”, I mean the church as a whole. Yesterday, more people gathered online to worship than any time in history! Churches across…

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Picture Perfect Quiet Time

Day 16: Deeper

Psalm 100 says“Make a joyful noise to the LORD,all the earth.Serve the LORD with gladness;come into His presence with joyful songs.Know that the LORD is God.It is He who made us, and we are His;we are His people, and the sheep of His pasture.Enter His gates with thanksgivingand His courts with praise;give thanks to Him and bless His name.For the LORD is good,and His loving devotion endures forever;His faithfulness continues to all generations.” Have you ever heard the phrase “Is God calling you deeper?”  I am here to tell you- the answer to this question is always a resounding “YES!” …

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Day 15: Catalyst

YOU are a catalyst! You are that special person that influences their environment and brings about change. You are the chemical element that through prayer and fasting transforms situations and accelerates the move of God. Queen Esther was a catalyst. The Jews were in trouble. It seems the enemy had finally succeeded in convincing the king to decree the destruction of all the Jews in the land. A special day and time was appointed for the event and word was sent through all the land. Great mourning, weeping and wailing arose among the Jews. Queen Esther who was also a…

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Day 14: Boldness

When we were younger the majority of us were daring and care-free. This was very evident when kids would feel confident and jump off of things. This confidence didn’t just appear, rather it is stemmed from constantly being caught by mom or dad. Their boldness wasn’t so much based on their own character or identity rather it was based one their experience with the parent’s character. The foundation of this boldness is rooted in the parent’s love for the child and in return the child understands love, knows they love their parents and confidence rises. The way to be bold…

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COVID-19 March 13th Update

As of this morning at 6:00 am, Gwinnett County School activities have canceled. Because we currently use Gwinnett County facilities as a meeting location, we will be having our Sunday service online only this Sunday at 11:00 only. I feel like it’s important to communicate a couple of things here. There are still only 2 confirmed cases in Gwinnett County, and we are praying for those families. We are standing on faith that the spread in the Gwinnett County region is stopped, however we are also prepared to help in the community any way we can, should the virus spread.…

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Day 13: Strong and Courageous

Joshua 1:6“Be strong and courageous, for you shall cause this people to inherit the land that I swore to their father to give them….” After 40 years of wandering in the desert, the Israelites were ready to occupy their new home. They were ready to step into their promise land and become the people they were called to be. Maybe some of them knew that it would be more than just walking over a river and settling in, but I’m guessing that most believed it would be easy living from that point on. Why wouldn’t they need to be strong…

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Day 12: Submission

James 4:7”Submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” I grew up in a house with addicts. My mom and my step-dad were both on hard drugs, and when they got “sober”, they switched to prescription medication. It probably goes without saying that my home environment was volatile. When my parents demanded “submission”, they used it to abuse me. Or, If I refused to submit because… well, I was a little stubborn, if you can believe that; then they would beat me into submission. That is not a metaphor. It was my life. It’s no…

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