Find Your Next Step

Discover what God can do through you.

We understand every one of us is on a journey. As we grow, we change. At Discover Life Church we exist so that all people can discover life in Jesus and find their unique, God given purpose. We want to help you discover your potential, find your next step, and begin living a God centered life - a life of awakening.

This 90-minute class is the perfect way for you to connect with some of our leadership, hear the heart and vision of our pastors, and discover how you can get involved. Childcare for 12 and under, as well as a light lunch are provided.

Through Life Groups we discover the ways of Jesus, serve as missionaries to our neighborhoods and grow as a family.

We are most like Jesus when we serve. At Discover Life our 'Dream Team' helps you find a team where your passion and purpose meet. We are more than a team. We're a family. And just like family, we all pitch in.