This is Family


As a church, we exist so that all people can discover life in Jesus and find their unique, God-given purpose. We feel this is best done in small, biblically-based, relational environments where mature disciples can be made. Life Groups are the primary way we accomplish this.

We ‘win’ when people transition from being consumers to being contributors by serving faithfully on the Dream Team, being discipled through intentional relationships in a Life Group, and show the fruit of an intimate relationship with Jesus.

This is my tribe.

We are trying to make it easier to 'find your people.' While we mostly focus on learning around the same things, our groups are as diverse as our church is. We meet in different places; from homes to coffee shops and everything in between. You will find groups with people in the same stage of life to groups that have people from decades apart in age. It's all about finding the ones you are doing life with and becoming more like Jesus, together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is childcare provided?

Not all groups offer childcare, but there are options! Some groups share the responsibility of watching the kids, split the cost of hiring a sitter (usually around $5 a week per person), or make other arrangements. Look for the *childcare provided* designation on the groups list.

How often do groups meet?

We split our groups into semesters that range from 3 to 4 months at a time.

Groups meet on different days and times throughout the week, but most of our groups consistently meet each week. You can use our 'group finder' to find one close to you.

What will my group do?

Every group has a different 'personality' and way of doing things, but one thing you can count on is a welcoming environment and forming friendships that matter. We have a mix of sermon and topic-based groups, for people at all different stages of life!

Anything besides groups?

We really believe our goal of creating mature disciples is best accomplished through meaningful, sermon-based, and topical study groups. We also host Grow, a special midweek service, as well as dedicate parts of our summer semester to leadership and theology classes.

Lead a Group

You know that it's important to belong to a community, not just attend a church.

We know that defining community is tough because being in community is more than showing up for church. Community is messy. It can also be beautiful. It's coming around the table, laughing till it hurts, and learning the way of Jesus together.  It's also crying with a certain family after group and praying around hospital beds.

What if you could help people find community, find family and become more like Jesus?

You can. Here’s how: