Day 14: Boldness

By: Ivan Cerda

When we were younger the majority of us were daring and care-free. This was very evident when kids would feel confident and jump off of things. This confidence didn’t just appear, rather it is stemmed from constantly being caught by mom or dad. Their boldness wasn’t so much based on their own character or identity rather it was based one their experience with the parent’s character. The foundation of this boldness is rooted in the parent’s love for the child and in return the child understands love, knows they love their parents and confidence rises.

The way to be bold like a lion is to know the extent of God’s love for us, well at least some of it (as it is boundless and endless). When we see the love he has for us and the many time he has been there we shouldn’t be able to contain our boldness. This is, because we know we can trust Him. The boldness of God is demonstrated through His love for us and this love is the foundation of His Kingdom. In 1 Corinthians 13:13 it states that …the greatest of these is Love.

We can be confident and bold, not because we know things, nor because we have it figured out, but because we know that God does and He loves us! The greatest form of courage and boldness is, like a child, to lose ourselves in the love of God so that anything he asks and says will be obeyed with confidence for we can take heart for He has overcome the world. It doesn’t matter if we don’t know what the next step is or what to do next the only thing that we need to know is that God loves us and our response of love for Him is boldness.

Let us think of the vastness of God’s love and know that it is enough to face anything and go through it all. We should take the truth from Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville when they said it best, “I don’t know much, but I know I love You. That may be all I need to know”. Just responding to God’s audacious love with boldness shows that we don’t know anything and we’re ok with it because all we do need to know is that He loves us and we love Him. If love is the foundation of His kingdom then His power, authority and glory are demonstrations of it. We are in good hands. Let’s let our love be the foundation of our boldness and identity.

For God so loved the world …

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