COVID-19 March 18th Update

By: Manny Rivera

Discover Life Family,

It’s been an interesting week at Discover Life Church, but God is always in control!

On Monday we received word that a member of our church was not feeling well and went to the hospital. After tests for the flu and pneumonia came back negative, they administered a test for COVID-19.

Today we were informed that the test results came back as a ‘presumptive positive’, meaning that the initial tests still need to be confirmed by the CDC. These results can take 7 to 9 additional days.

The member is in good health and has self quarantined. We are in constant intercession for a complete eradication of all the symptoms. We are communicating with the family to make sure that all of their needs are met. To comply with the law, we are not at liberty to release the identity of the person. With that said, we have informed every person that we are aware made contact with this person within the last 4 days, when the symptoms first started presenting themselves.

This isn’t a time to jump into fear or panic, but instead to respond in faith and in prayer.

As a precaution, in addition to performing all services and prayer meetings online, all life groups will now be on a digital format using Facebook Messenger, FaceTime or Zoom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our executive Pastor, Andy McMahon.

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