Day 23: When Nannie Prayed

By: Jerry West

It’s been quite awhile since my grandmother, Nannie, went home to heaven. I still miss her to this day, one of the many things that I miss is when she would pray. 

Nannie was the kindest and most loving little lady anyone could ever meet, all 5′ 1” and 80 pounds, but possessed more Jesus than anyone I have ever met. She would point that bony finger and you said “Yes Ma’am”.

She was a pastor’s wife during The Great Depression, and had 3 daughters, 2 were twins (one of which was my mother). As you can imagine, this was a hard time to raise a family, but she did it, you want to know how? She prayed, because not only did everything depend on it, she loved Jesus and she knew he answered her prayers. 

I have her bible and from time to time I’ll read it. Not just for the scriptures, but the notes she wrote in it, scriptures circled and little pieces of paper she would write on. Notes for her family, and who she was praying for, and there was one “Pray for Jerry.”. Yes, I was Nannie’s boy. I remember once she said to me, “Baby, don’t ever do drugs, that would break my heart.” I never did drugs, how could I?

Often times I would hear her in the early morning hours praying. I asked her once, “Do you believe God hears you?” She said,”Yes, because His Word says so.” For Nannie it was simple, Read his Word, Pray and Believe.

There was nothing complex, no formulas, just sitting on the side of her bed and talk to Jesus. I still believe that she could tell Jesus, “I need to talk to you” and Jesus would stop and say “Yes Ma’am.”

She was a firm believer that the effectual fervent prayer avails much. (James 5:16) 

I remember saying once I wished I could pray like her. The truth is… I can, the same power that was inside of Nannie is in me, and it’s in you.

There is power when you pray, power to change your situation, the power to pray for the sick, the power to join with others in corporate prayer to shift the atmosphere.

During our 40 days of prayer and fasting make notes of what you are believing God for, personally, family and corporately, Pray for revival. 

Personally, I’m choosing to pray like my Nannie, “Jesus, I need to talk to you.”

Edited by my grandson, Kieran S. Morse

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