COVID-19 March 26th Update

By: Pastor Andy McMahon

Discover Life Family,

Last week we informed you that a member of our church had tested presumptive positive for COVID-19, and that we were closely monitoring the situation. We also reiterated that these tests were only about 70 – 80% accurate. We have some good news today! The results have come back and the member is negative for COVID-19!! This is fantastic news! That means a couple of things.
1. We are no longer considered “Self Quarantined” and instead, now we follow the standard social distancing guidelines set by the COVID-19 Task Force.
2. Prayer works. (not that we ever had a doubt!)


We thank you for your patience and understanding as we walked through this unprecedented situation. Guided by Holy Spirit, we have navigated these waters with wisdom and the health and safety of our congregation at the forefront of our minds.Our main focus now continues to stay on communication and community! As we come together in agreement, even online, we will continue to contend for and see miracles, signs and wonders!

How do we move forward? 
We keep doing what we’re doing!
1. Our life groups will continue to meet online.
2. Our services will continue to happen Sundays at 11 am on Facebook and Youtube!
3. Jump on prayer calls and agree with us as we fight this with Prayer.
4. Watch our family devotionals with your family every night, Monday through Friday at 7:00 pm and let’s continue to grow in Christ! We love you guys and as we navigate these times, we continue to ask for your prayers, and we continue to pray for you!

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