Goal: $250K | Raised: $K
Goal: $250K | Raised: $K

Our Story

In September 2014, our founding Pastors, Nathan & Lisa Camp, planted Discover Life Church, a non-denominational church in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The vision was to create a community where everyone could discover real life in Jesus, as well as, their unique, God-given purpose. In order to begin, we understood we needed to be portable for a while, and we were committed to doing whatever it took to accomplish our goal. We have met in multiple locations from a movie theatre, to a high school auditorium and finally, in an elementary cafeteria.

Through prayer and strong sense that God was transitioning them, Pastors Manny & Victoria Rivera released the church they planted and faithfully led for 17 years to a son in the faith, in order to accept the pastorate at Discover Life Church in June 2017, firmly believing this to be the clear direction of the Lord.

Since launching over three years ago, we have grown to nearly 200 people that call Discover Life Church their home. We are grateful for the many heart-felt stories that we hear from our church family, such as: families strengthened, addictions broken, finding family, friendships established, physical and mental healings, and new life to name a few. The exciting news is, this is just the beginning!

We want YOU to join this journey with us!

The Journey


Hours setting up & tearing down for our Sunday gatherings.


Different Service Locations. On top of multiple places for staff meetings, worship practice, and midweek. 






Group Participation


Missionaries Sent

Life Change

Just Go!

50, 679

Given to missions in 3 years.


Given to Hurricane relief in 2017.


Local Community organizations we've served with.


From Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria to the uttermost parts of the world. For us that is from Lawrenceville, Georgia, to everywhere God leads!

Local Love Offering

One way we give back to our community is by making a $5 donation in honor of each first time guest we have.


Hope of Life Intl.


Home of Refuge


Propel Ministries


Convoy of Hope

Our Why

Every Number has a Name

Each statistic represents an individual that needs to encounter Jesus and discover new life. Our dream is: ‘In Gwinnett as it is in Heaven.’

Million People Not Connected to Jesus
Of our region won't be at ANY church this Sunday
People in poverty in Lawrenceville
Of pregnancies here end at an abortion clinic

Five Reasons Why

1. Wisely Using Our Budget

Currently, a significant portion of our budget goes to renting facilities that we can only use one day a week (~66k facility related in 2017). These resources would be better suited if they were spent on a permanent facility that we had access to every day.

2. For Our Children

While our children are safe, their setup is far from ideal. This campaign will allow us to create a place that best serves our children's ministry while ensuring they are in a secure and safe environment. 

3. We are Here for Good

Most of our community still doesn't know that we are “here”. The only times we are allowed to have signage displayed is during the time that we occupy the building. A permanent location also means permanent advertising and a tangible footprint in the community.

4. A Home for Students

While we love our DLC Student groups, we understand the power of corporate gatherings! This will provide space for our students to have a meeting place for community nights and services that meets their needs. 

5. Centralized Err'thing

We currently have all staff meetings, worship practices, and extra events such as First-Step & Team Nights at off-site locations. Having a permanent location means we could centralize these things and not have the need to rent other spaces for midweek gatherings. Office space and classrooms also allow us to begin offering other midweek opportunities such as internships, school of ministry classes, and a music/video studio. 

Primary Facility Goals

The Vision & Breakdown

Our vision is to create a space that accomplishes the following.


Provide our children with a state of the art facility. 

  • auditorium + classrooms.
  • provides a space for our children to worship
  • allows us to provide a more safe and secure meeting space for children

Give DLC Students a place for midweek experiences. 

  • Our church provides a permanent place for community where students can belong. 
  • Our students will have groups-based ministry while having a regular combined gathering.
  • Having a facility centralizes how we are able to facilitate student ministry.

Expand our capacity for weekly services and gatherings.

  • No more need to set up and tear down weekly.
  • Sanctuary space for 250+.
  • Use of the entire facility throughout the week!

Establish Permanence in Our Community

  • Provides a community presence that we cannot get from being portable.
  • Moving from planting season to being an established, harvesting church.



Centralize office locations

  • Provides our own space for meetings, planning, and worship practice.
  • Allows us to build out offices for staff and create a space for audio/video.
  • Allows space for ministry expansion such as internships, classes, and a school of ministry.

The Projected Breakdown

DLC Kids Space
Auditorium, Classrooms, Equipment, Check-in
Multi Purpose Area
Kitchen, audio capability, tables, chairs, projection
Worship Center Equipment
Chairs, sound equipment, video equipment, lighting, stage design
Construction Costs, Operational Costs during buildout
Office Space
Common area, offices + supplies, small sound/video studio

Our Financial Goal over the next two years is $250,000.

We understand the financial obligations of each family is different. We are asking everyone that calls Discover Life home to prayerfully consider how their generosity can serve to Secure Our Future and create a permanent home for the church and community that we all love. 

Now is a time for covenant and radical generosity. We are confident that you will rise to meet the occasion through intentional and sacrificial giving.