We want to offer resources for you to constantly be in pursuit of God, and what He is doing in our community, hearts, and lives. Follow along on our blog, read about our disciplines, and listen to our most recent sermon below.

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We believe there are certain 'disciplines' to pursuit.  Discipline isn't a bad word. It simply means that there are certain priorities you place on your life to go after God.  Below we've listed the 5 disciplines to practice to be a people of pursuit.

Prayer is the cornerstone of everything we do at DLC. We believe that nothing happens on Earth without us asking God for it.  We also believe that we shouldn't just pray corporately, but every member should have a healthy prayer life.

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The goal of fasting is intimacy with God and clarity in hearing His voice. Biblical fasting always has to do with eliminating distractions for a spiritual purpose; laying down the pleasures of earth to take up the pleasure of heaven. It also enables us to recognize the goodness of God and align our hearts with His. 

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We believe it's important for every believer to study and know God's word. 

We believe that knowing God's word is useful in calling to remembrance...