Lead a Group

Why Lead a Group?

Jesus made His mission clear when He said 'Go and make disciples.' At Discover Life Church the way we intentionally make disciples as a church is through our Life Groups. One of our mantras is 'lead from the front.' It doesn't mean that you're perfect or have to commit every night of the week or you have to be a theologian. It just means that you 'go first' in living like Jesus and then you bring along others for the journey.

If you love helping people take their next step, seeing friends become family and celebrating life change then maybe leading a Life Group is your next step. Maybe this is what you were made for!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I qualified to do this?

Leading a group isn't about knowing everything or having it all together. It's about helping others become more like Jesus. Don't worry, whether you're leading a group or apprenticing, we will make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

What is training like?

Our training is based of the 12 week course of the Relational Discipleship Manual. We train on of two ways. Weekly group training in our summer semester or 3 monthly intensives during our fall semester.

What will my group do?

In a nutshell, a group is a community, a 'family,' that will take the materials provided each week to go deeper into our Sunday message, using it to discover the way of Jesus more and more. Each group will also 'adopt' a local organization that we partner with and serve there on a consistent basis to make a difference in our community.

How does DLC help?

We don't just 'throw you in it' and hope you find your way. Promise! We are committed to helping you be the best leader you can be. Besides the initial training we provide you with resources, support, coaching, and (most of all) relationship for your leadership journey.

Life Group Leader Application

Use this form to apply to be a Life Group Leader at Discover Life Church.

  • Personal Info

  • Spiritual & Leadership History

    This helps give us a snapshot of where you are on your spiritual journey.
    If we are having 'Grow' this semester, just answer for the last semester we had groups.
  • Commitment and Agreement

    This helps make sure we are all on the same page when it comes to our broadest expectations.